DCP 0022

Richard Shippy

Chief Business Officer

Richard joined Bionano as Chief Business Officer in June 2021. Richard has over two decades of experience in life sciences, focused on healthcare.

He co-founded and led commercial operations at Cradle Genomics, which is the leader in developing non-invasive prenatal tests based on analysis of intact cells. Prior to Cradle, he was the Senior Director of Strategic Product Marketing in Reproductive and Genetic Health at Illumina, where he led the product strategy and management for preimplantation testing, prenatal testing, chromosomal microarray (CMA) and postnatal genetic disease testing. As a Senior Director of Product Marketing at Affymetrix, he partnered with the global cytogenomics community to launch CytoScan, the market leading CMA product and the only FDA cleared whole genome copy number analysis platform. He also oversaw the launch of OncoScan for solid tumor analysis.